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Frequently Asked Questions.

Helix gives you insight into the type of job that you will find most satisfying. Do you want to always have a lot going on or to be clearly directed? Do you love meetings or maybe you find them a cesspool of oversharing? Sometimes we know this about ourselves, but we often don’t know why or how to choose a role to fit us better.
Heck yeah! If you’re like many HR departments, recruitment can be a real challenge. From questions like “Is this the right person?” to “It’s been really hard to get a person to stick with this team.” to “A warm body, like the hiring manager requested, isn’t going to get the job done (insert heavy eye roll!)”. You can use Helix as a recruitment tool to understand the work preferences, chaos tolerance and engagement style of your potential employees. Ask us about Helix Recruit to build your best recruitment program and stop with the guesswork!
Helix will let you know how you’ll respond to a major change, how to best cope, and how others around you may react (and why it might drive you crazy!). It can also predict, for a team, who will adapt to the change quickly and who will need more time and guidance.
Yes! Helix results allow teams to see each other in a new way, which often explains the root cause of conflict or misunderstandings, and provides a new way forward.
Helix can guide analysis and training by shining a light on the root cause of communication challenges, conflict, resistance to change, and poor execution.